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What is the Collaborative Management Program?

Colorado’s commitment to child, youth, and family well-being gave rise to the Collaborative Management Program (CMP) House Bill 04-1451passed by the Colorado General Assembly in 2004.  The purpose of CMP is to promote local collaborative management processes for improved services and better outcomes. This targeted population includes children, youth, and families. To ensure collective leadership, financial support for the initiative is established through a statutory incentive fund– a defined community group is required to set goals, oversee funds, and evaluate collaborative efforts in each community.

 Today more than 40 Counties in Colorado are involved with CMP.

Reach CMP of El Paso County

El Paso County has been a Collaborative Management location since 2004 and has been housed in Joint Initiatives for Youth and Families since that time. This was a strategic decision by the founding community partners, including the El Paso County Director of Human Services, to ensure an independent structure and support equitable governance by all members.  Joint Initiatives for Youth and Families has remained the Fiscal Agent and employer for El Paso County CMP staff.

The initiative was branded the Reach Collaborative Management Program (Reach CMP) during strategic planning in 2013 to communicate a clear unified identity for the collective and its integrated innovative efforts.

Reach CMP is governed by an Interagency Oversight Group of community members including youth and family representatives, child and youth serving agencies, and school districts committed to common values and goals and the belief that we can accomplish more when we work together.

For a full list of current Reach CMP Governing Members, click here.

For more information about our meetings, click here.

Reach CMP's Objectives:

  1. To identify gaps and expand best practices in child, youth, and family services. This is done through strategic learning, collective action, and coordinated resource utilization.
  2. To ensure youth and family participation with system and agency partners in collective governance, goal setting, and evaluation of efforts. This is for continuous improvement in service delivery, resource utilization, and community impact.
  3. To sustain an effective space for diverse community agencies, individuals and leaders to engage in strategic learning, and explore complex problems and innovative solutions in a culture of safety and mutual support.

About Joint Initiatives For Youth And Families

Joint Initiatives for Youth and Families (JI) is a 501(c) 3 not-for-profit organization serving El Paso and Teller Counties. JI works to engage system stakeholders to participate in collective goal setting and strategic support of community initiatives and efforts related to complex issues impacting children, youth and families, and the community agencies that serve them. This structure creates a broad perspective, commitment and support for collective goalsetting and support for efforts like the Reach CMP (one of three community initiatives housed under JI).

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