What We Do

Innovative-integrated efforts:

The goal is to provide a community approach to identifying and building integrated best practices that will be sustained with existing funding based on proven effectiveness and benefit to children, youth, families, and community.

Each was established through:

     -Collectively setting common community goals,

     -Exploring solutions and taking evidence-based actions,

    -Testing promising integrated models and practice through an inclusive continuous quality improvement process. 

A continuum of care model serving children, youth and families at the level they need from service navigation to High Fidelity Wraparound

  • Reach Youth and Families: High-Fidelity Wraparound
  • Community for You: Truancy Prevention Program
  • Reach Schools: Care Connection and Coordination

 The RCMP has two Family Voice Representatives and two Youth Voice Representatives that are voting members sitting on the IOG and its subcommittees.  Family and Youth Peer Support models are both active and in development.

Youth Voice Representatives are actively working on building a Youth Voice Council.

  • Youth Voice
  • Youth Development
  • Youth Peer Support
  • Family Voice
  • Family Peer Support


The Community Action Model demonstrates the commitment of our community partners to collaboratively understand and improve services, supports, and outcomes for families.  The model is a comprehensive shift in practice that identifies system gaps, challenges and solutions for families and those that serve them.

Dependency and Neglect System Reform is a state model to improve the quality of service and outcomes for children and families in Dependency and Neglect Court. Elements include use of a family team to support youth and family voice, cross-system communication and integrated services; timely judicial support responsive to family needs; and evaluation and information sharing for learning, quality improvement and informed decision making.

community support:

The goal is to provide our community opportunities to increase and or update their skills for working with children, youth and families.

Youth Cultural Competency Passport

RCMP began hosting a monthly series of Youth Cultural Competency workshops in June 2018 continuing through July 2019 as part of its strategic effort to expand youth voice and improve understanding and practice.  Topics were designed for a range of community members including system staff and service providers interested in improving practice.

Civic Canopy Summit

For the past four years, RCMP partners have attended the annual Civic Canopy Summit.  Followed by a debrief discussion on ideas and lessons learned that can be applied to our community.

November 2018 Civic Canopy Summit



System Integration Summit March 16th, 2018

This event was designed to create a space and time where a multisystem conversation between staff from multiple systems (Child Welfare, Division of Youth Services, Juvenile Probation, and integrated service providers).  The half-day was spent in lightly guided round table discussions on roles, responsibilities, challenges, and ideas for improvement in processes and practice.

The resulting list of suggestions, areas for improvement, and requests for further multi-system training and networking have informed practice and group learning activities.  

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