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We Support High Fidelity Wraparound Services for Families

Reach Youth and Families – High Fidelity Wraparound Program

High Fidelity Wraparound is a nationwide, evidence-based approach that helps families achieve their goals.

Reach Youth and Families supports High Fidelity Wraparound in El Paso County. Local providers include AspenPointe and Mission Possible

Please contact your Primary Care Physician, your child’s school counselor or other professional serving your family to request a referral.

Why High-Fidelity Wraparound?

Finding the right help can be difficult for parents who are concerned about a child’s emotional or behavioral health and for families who are involved in services but still don’t feel they are getting the support they need to reach their goals.

High-fidelity wraparound may be the right choice for families already receiving services, and those who may not know where to start looking to find help. High-fidelity Wraparound is a unique and successful tool because:

  • It offers a safe environment for listening and non-judgmental help.
  • It removes pressure from you and allows high-fidelity wraparound to bring support to you and “wrap” your family with a support system of care.
  • It understands cultural differences and will respect your family’s values and beliefs.
  • It allows your family to pick the services and resources that are right for you.
  • It starts by giving you the chance to develop a care plan with people you trust. Each plan is unique and specifically developed for each family.
  • It offers a team that works with your family to focus on its current strengths and identify what is needed to develop new skills. The team also ensures that everyone is working toward the same goals.

10 Principles

Family Voice and Choice
No one knows your family better than you do. That’s why family and youth perspectives and opinions are given priority during all phases of the process. Plans are built on a family’s perspective, and reflect family values.

The wraparound team consists of individuals providing services to your family as well as your family’s natural supports that already exist in your lives.

Natural supports
You and your family have people in your lives that can help. They could be friends, neighbors, teachers or relatives and they are your natural supports. These individuals are encouraged to participate in the process and be part of your team.

Team members work together and share responsibility. Your plan will be a collaboration of all team members’ ideas, opinions and resources and each team member will have assignments to work toward meeting the team’s goals.

Your team implements a plan that offers services and supports in your own community.

Culturally competent
The process respects and builds on the values, preferences, beliefs, culture, and identity of your family, your child and your community.

The team develops and follows through on a customized set of strategies, supports, and services to achieve goals.

Your child and family members all have strengths. Your plan focuses on using these strengths, and those of your other team members.

Challenges can and will come up throughout this process. However, your team will work through them. All team members work together toward the goals laid out in your plan until the team reaches an agreement that the goals have been met and the formal process is no longer needed.

Your team’s goals will be measurable. This will let all members know when a goal has been reached, is close to being reached, or when it might be time to discuss a new strategy to achieve that goal.

Roles in High-Fidelity Wraparound

When you enter High Fidelity Wraparound, your family will get to know a Coordinator or Facilitator, and a Family Support Partner. These two roles serve different purposes but have one main thing in common – working toward a stronger future for you and your family based on your goals.

Wraparound Facilitator

This is a person who is trained to coordinate the High Fidelity Wraparound process for your family. This person could also be called a Care Coordinator, or have a similar title. This person sets up meetings, oversees your plan, and makes sure all team members are participating in achieving your goals.

Family Support Partner

This is a person who will provide peer support to parents and caregivers of children receiving services. Family Support Partners draw on personal experience, having raised their own children and experienced similar challenges and successes. They can relate to what you’re going through and will walk alongside you as you work to identify and meet your goals for your family.

Family Team

The family team is made up of people you identify as supports to meet your goals. Team members are family members, friends or other community supports you want on your team as well as service providers who are working to help your family find the supports and services right for you. Your Family Team will focus on your goals, hear your voice, and work together for your success. You are in the driver’s seat.

Steps in High-Fidelity Wraparound


Your coordinator gets to know your family and your hopes, concerns, needs, and strengths. You work together to identify people already in your family’s life who have been helpful and who could be part of your wraparound team. 

Initial Plan Development

Based on your family’s input, your coordinator assembles a team of people who are providing services to your family, as well as friends, relatives, or others who can provide your family with support. The facilitator helps you come up with a family vision. 

Plan Implementation

With your plan in place, your family and all team members commit to action steps. The team continues to meet regularly to review accomplishments, assess how the plan is working and make changes as needed in order to reach the family vision.


At the point where the wraparound team no longer needs to meet regularly to help reach the family vision, a final team meeting is held to celebrate everything that’s been accomplished. The team will make a plan for moving forward.


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